The education of our children is extremely important to me. I am committed to their success. To ensure their success, I want to make sure teachers and paraprofessionals are given the tools and support they need, and parents are given a louder voice in their children’s education. 

Bush for Education Improvement

We must reduce the amount of state testing that is mandated on our children. The current state testing is extremely long and does not give a clear picture of how to help a child during the current school year. State testing creates stress and anxiety for our children and detracts from time that could be better spent educating our children. Additionally, it does not promote an atmosphere of collaboration and sharing of educational ideas amongst school districts. 

We must not forget that skills and trade-based training in our schools is essential for a Delaware workforce. There are tremendous job opportunities for students who pursue the trades. We must encourage those students in their pursuit. With improvements in our economy, the demand for these positions in the workforce has increased. Electricians, carpenters, plumbers, boilermakers, welders, machinists, pipe layers, and other craft positions are needed in our State. We must encourage and not discourage people from entering these fields.    

We must provide our high school students, who are college bound, with the opportunity to take vigorous courses. I truly believe courses at our high schools should be offered to prepare our students for a twenty first century economy. Dual Enrollment courses with colleges should be offered that provide for pathways in engineering, nursing, biology, and computer technology. Lastly, we must make college affordable for Delaware students. Money should not be a barrier that prevents hardworking, driven students from advancing their education.




Supporting Seniors

We must ensure that rising health care, prescription drugs, and other living costs do not deplete seniors of their savings during retirement.

Retirement should be the golden years of our lives and we should not have to live in fear because of these increasing costs. I will fight to restore the full property tax credit for seniors without bureaucratic red tape. I will also lead the charge on finding ways to reduce medical and prescriptions drug costs in Delaware.

Exploitation and fraud perpetrated against our seniors is unacceptable and reprehensible. I will introduce laws to prevent the targeting of those individuals and ensure that we can bring those who exploit and commit fraud to justice. 

As a son of a parent who suffered from Alzheimer’s, I can empathize with families whose loved ones are suffering from chronic and terminal diseases. I will work to make it easier on those families in reducing government paperwork as it relates to the care of their loved ones. Lastly, as I served on the Board of Modern Maturity for eight years, I know the importance of senior centers and the Meals on Wheels program. I will fully support the continued funding of senior centers and programs in our Grant and Aid bill.



Protecting our Quality of Life/ Preserving our Farmland

Bush District 29We enjoy a quality of life in the 29th District unlike any other district in the State. The 29th District has beautiful open space, agricultural lands, and easy accessibility to towns and services. We must be smart with our growth. I want to ensure that our children and their families can enjoy the same way of life that we have been able to experience. We have an agricultural heritage that we need to safeguard. Preserving agricultural land and open space is beneficial to the wellbeing of our district. We must also address growing traffic concerns before they become problems in our district. The northern part of the 29th District has experienced the greatest growth and we need to make sure the proper infrastructure is in place.


Higher Paying Jobs/Economic Development

We must find ways to bring higher paying jobs to Kent County.  The legislature can do more to help create an environment in which new businesses will want to make Delaware their home. Reducing excessive regulations and creating incentives for new and expanding businesses will help bring higher paying jobs.  This can be done without hurting the quality of life in Kent County. We have a strong workforce in Kent County but we must ensure they are prepared for a twenty first century economy. We must offer, within our schools, education and training in technology and practices that will prepare our students for modern jobs. 




Public Safety

The safety and security of our communities is essential to the well-being of the individuals and families of the 29th District. Bush District 29 Our law enforcement, fire companies, EMS, and other first responders must be granted sufficient access to the resources they need to protect our communities. We must find better strategies to combat violent crimes and keep heroin off of our streets. 

Our schools must be protected and parents need to feel that their children are safe and secure in their schools. Tackling recidivism is essential in reducing crimes. In my experience as an attorney, I have seen how certain court-maintained programs can be effective in reducing recidivism. We need to do more with mental health court and treatment programs in Kent County in tackling recidivism.